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Top 4 XBOX Classic Games to Play Today

With the new subscription service from Microsoft you have a bunch of options to play and look back for a amoment at the good old times. One of my decisive factors that makes or breaks a video game is the quality of be able to play it for a second time and still have lots of fun. Taking this as my main decisive factor here are my top four XBOX classic games you can play today using the XBOX Game Pass.


Unfortunately, the remastered version is not avaialble with the XBOX Game Pass and we do not know if it is ever ging to be. Still, playing Bioshock is not abut the graphics, but about the world of the game. Bioshock is known as one of the most influential games. The story, characters, gameplay, locations and plot are amazingly intertwined to create one of the finest adventures you can go through. The sequels are also great, but the initial release has the magic of spiralling wonder and satisfaction that you experienced when playing the game for the first time.

It is a game that will stick with you for a long time and even more. There aren’t many games in history of games that managed to deliver this level of emotions and quality for the players.


The fifth installment of of the series is also available to play on the XBOX Game Pass program. Although oen of those sequels that steps up aside fromt he original feeling of the game, it is still a fine game to enjoy any time od the day. Playing a character that seems to have smaller balls, some people were disspointed and concerned with this release.

A few consider it the best of all DMC games, others are OK with it, whilst some are discontent with the overall game. It is true that the combos might be less spectaculous comapard to other releases such as DMC3. But the truth is that it is a game that you can easily play for a second time without getting too boring and this is why makes to this list.


This is not the common blockbuster that you would expect to be on such list. However, this is a game that exceeds expectations in many ways. The game initially made its debut in 2008 and was later in 2012 introduced again with enhanced graphics for XBLA. I was always standing for 2D games and this is one that proves me that I wasn’t wrong.

The game design is one of the finest. It’s remarkable how many complex and fun things can be created within the simplistic world of a side scrolling game. This is what this game proves. You do not have to be running on the most modern graphics engine to have a stunning game. Complex, but simple, easy, but not too easy the, Spelunky effortly takes the 3rd place on this top xbox retro games to play.


We have mostly talked about the action based games. XCOM: Enemy Within is a Turn-based tactics game where decisions you make matter. Don’t be fooled by the overview camera style. This game delviers a lot more than most games within this genre. It is also fast paced and engaging as hell. It is one of those games you will play regardless of your prejudices you have on games and genres.

If you had the chance to play the first in this series (Enemy Unknown), you will absolutely be in love with the Enemy Within. Although not the latest sequel, this is still a bold and playable game today as it was back in 2013. More weapons, more enemies and added resources takes the tactical genre to its best. This turn based tactical with spectacular visuals and locations makes to my list because it is easily a game that you can play at least two times in your life.