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On is the place where you I will share all my game related knowledge. I am Tommy and this is my gaming blog. Although not a an old timer in the world of gamin I got to sya that it recently grew on me. And since I have more time to spend now in the world of video games, I will share my findings and my experiences here on this blog.

What I Will Share

I will not have a specific topic. I am interested in history of video games as well as the world of hacks and cheats. I am interested in gaming news and gameplays. Currently I am searching for all type of hacks causew I believe this will be of a real value for so matny. I daily try and test all kind of gaming hacks. Gaming hacks such as roblox hacks, minecraft hacks and other different games such as IMVU or Hearthstone.

When You Will Post

Again, I don’t want to make this a daily job. When I feel like posting I will post. When I feel that I have something worthy of sharing I will share it. My video gaming time extend a lot during the weekends. So this might become a more common time when I will be posting video games content.

Hope you like this blog and what I post here. I will try to keep it alive for as much as I can. If you have an suggestions or any other queries relatedto this blog or the world of video games hacks, cheats and news, please use the contact page to reach me.