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Growtopia Free Gems Hack 2018

The world of growtopia is a vast world where you are free to do anything. All you need are gems. If you have huge amounts of gems you can literally build whatever goes through your mind. However, gems do not come easy. You need to farm them or pay for them. That is what most of us are doing. But today things can get a little more itneresting because there is a method to get growtopia free gems every day. To be able to do this we have the growtopia hack 2018 that can easily generate huge amounts of gems into any account. However, there are some things you need to know before you jump on to conclusions.

A New Way To Get Growtopia Free Gems

The free gems hack is built to keep your account safe. You can have lots of worlds that you built for days or maybe even weeks. It would be a big slash to get your account banned using a growtopia hack for gems. There are many free gems hacks on the internet. However, these are usually risky to use. The new growtopia hack 2018 is created to keep your account 100% safe. By using this new tool you will get the benefits of any growtopia hack, but now you will be entirely safe while adding free gems into your accont balance. To be able to acheive this level of safety we had to come up with new ideas.

How is This New Growtopia Hack 2018 Safe?

On the Free GT Gems page you wil learn all you need to know about the safety features of this growtopia 2018 hack. One of the features is a proxy activation option. This will keep your account and your IP hidden while using the hack tool. Another option is a specific limit of free gems that you or any other will be able to generate each day. This is not a free unlimited gems hack for growtopia. If we want a stable and efficient long-term free gems solution there is no way to do this by delivering unlimited amounts of free gems. We have to do better than that. And that’s just half of the good things about this growtopia hack 2018.

A Universal Free Gems Hack

This hack tool for free gems is web based. This means that you do not have to download any files to your device which means that you can access the tool from any operating system. You can aceess it from any device that supports browser connection. Basically, you can get growtopia free gems anywhere at any time using this new growtopia hack 2018. Go to the official page: to get instant access to the online version of this tool.

How to use the growtopia free gems hack:

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