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How Resident Evil Changed Horror Genre

PlayStation is known for many groundbreaking games that altered the world of video games. There is one game however, that might have been get the most attention within this spectrum. The first Resident Evil ever was released in 1996 on the console with the most units sold ever. This is actually the game that coined the term ‘survival-horror‘. It is the game that maybe influenced the world of horror games more than we can observe it today.


In 1996 there were only 2 consoles that were able to fulfil the plan of the Capcom creator Shinji Mikami. Sega Saturn and Play Station. For the first time players had to make choices on how to use their supplies. They were forced to do so becuase these supplies such as weapons and health will have an impact on the game later on. Ever since 1996 all the games carried on some features from the first game which are still used today.


One of the characteristics that helped make Resident Evil the father of horror games is the overall atmosphere and mood of the game. This was achieved through the sorroundings where the action took place. The empty and rich detailed mansions become an icon and a prevalent feature of the horror genre.

Furthermore, RE had also puzzle solving points. Some of them were necessary some were optional. These however, would alter the ending of the game. This is yet another characteristic that many similar games and developers tried to replicate. Multiple endings may be today a reality because of the first Resdent Evil game.

Whilst the game was lacking in sundtrack this actually enhanced the fear element. The sound of the footsteps along with the squeaky doors combined with uncomfortable silence are doing more than what any score would have done.

The major downside of this game is the lack of quality acting and dialogue. But this is easily estomped by all other aspects that will keep you on the edge of your seat any time of the day. If you would have played the game back in 1996, the B-movie type of acting may have actually been an enhancer for the eerie atmosphere where something at any time could have attacked you without warning.

Another negative side are the controls. Being a 3d game released in a time where over 90% of games were 2D, this is understandable. However, there are remastered versions you can play today on the PS4 and on the Xbox One console. The HD remastered release is a hit on its own. It managed to keep the mood and the overall atmosphere of the first game while improving the controls, acting and graphics. It is a real joy and pleasure seeing developers putting so much attention and care into providing what the fans want and need.

Resident Evil 1996 Gameplay

If you are a new gamer and you are used to more modern games, the 1996 version may be a no-no for you. You will still get all the goods of the original if you decide to play the remake. Regardless of your opinion it RE is undoubtedly one of the most influential games of all time. It changed the world of horror genre forever and it open new uncharted territories for many other games after it.

Hearthstone Free Gold – Cheat 2018

Hearthstone has been one of the most popular games for a while now. It is time to deliver to the players that need it what they need. The hearthstone free gold cheat is created to help you achive more gold in hearthstone without paying any money and without wasting any time. Having free gold in hearthstone will enable you to have a more fun and enjoyabe experience in harthstone.

A Popular Game

Hearthstone is one of the great games of our times. Many games have tried to go on this path, the path of card games genre. Some of them are doing a great job, others failed dramatically. Maybe Hearthstone became one of the most popular card games because it is based on the world-wide known game ‘World of Warcraft‘ but also because it is created by the same company: the almighty BLIZZARD. However, the reasons why the game became so popular is not what this is about. Our purpose today is to showcase the hearthstone free gold kack. Hearthstone and free gold has not been of concern on a big scale, but it has been predominant.

Not a Big Demand for Hearthstone Free Gold

Considering the game’s level of popularity, it is a treat that not so many hearthstone fans are looking for a hearthstone free gold solution. This is most probably because Hearthstone is fun enough without a gold generator. You can fairly enjoy the game as it is. But if you want to go to the higher peaks of what the game is about, you will need free gold.

Arena vs. Solo Play

Gold in hearthstone will grant you a great advantage. It will enable you to enter the Arena whenever you want. Playing in the Arena is a lot more fruitful. It is also more demanding and lets you to expand your skills and experience. The Arena will enable you to grow within the world of Hearthstone. It does this faster and more accurate compared to playing in Solo Mode. Arena is where the real stuff happens. If you want to look at yourself as a Hearthsotone player, you need to compete against other players inside The Arena.

The Need for Free Gold

However, not everyone needs this hearthstone hack. As you already know not many Hearthstone players are looking for how to get free gold in hearthstone. It is just a small percentage the ones that do. This is good news for the overall game. Having all players looking for a hearthstone free gold would not be a favorable situation for the game. The game still needs the necessary funds to support the costs of running it. The small number of people looking for ways to get freee gold in hearthstone are the people who anyway do not contribute to the financials of the game. This is one reason why we can create this hearthstone free god cheat without feeling guilty. Not many people will come acroos it and this is beneficial for having a good and playable card game.

Hearthstone Free Gold Video

Robux Online Generator – Instant Free Robux

If you are a big fan of roblox you know how hard and expensive is robux. If you are one of the guys that is having a hard time buying robux because of finanacial reasons, there is something for you. Me and our team have developed a robux online generator which will help you get some free robux. This newly developed program is intended to keep your account safe when spending your robux. Using this roblox hack will enable you to have free robux each and every day.

How to Get Unlimited Robux for Free

There are other ways to get robux in roblox. No matter what are the official methods, you need to spend big money or a lot of time. This is where we step in and create lesser ways to deliver free robux into your account. Although you might sometimes have to spent some time completing a verification offer, it is nothing compared to the amount of time or money you would have to spend going the safe way. The second best thing about this robux online generator is its level of safety. This hack was also intended to keep your account safe. Activating the safety features on the official page will grant you 100% safety while generating the free robux. The ultimate online roblox robux generator will generate over 40000 free robux at once fast and 100% safe!

Not Everybody Needs A Robux Online Generator

Although so many people are looking for ways on how to get free robux in roblox, this is just a small percent of the whole roblox community. The truth is that you might not be needing a free robux solution whatsoever. As a world-wide game there are people from all kind of countries playing roblox. As you can imagine it is different for a russian robloxian comapred to a USA roblox player. It is a lot easier for a USA robloxian to pay for robux. Russia is a country wherein wages are a lot lower than USA. For some users it will be a lot easier to buy robux. The robux online generator would be a blessing for them, but others could benefit more from it.


All we want to provide with this roblox robux hack tool is balance. Whilst people buying robux without too much struggle, others only experience roblox without ever buying robux. This is for whom this program was inteded. It is for the people who usually do not experience roblox with robux because they cannot afford it. The robux online generator is exaclty what they need to make the game more enjoyable. Not only that but more people will be on the same level of experience and this is what should be the case in every area in any video game.

Robux Online Generator Tutorial

We cannot provide balance in real world. This would be a lot of struggle and a lot of resistance faced from the big guys. In the virtual world however, this is easier. Considering the fact we are fastly moving towards a less material world and to a more virtual world, I would say we are on a good path. Creating roblox generators will bring one more pinch of balance within the vast world of the internet.

Warframe Platinum Generator NEW 2018

Warframe is game based on clan matches. More than often these clan matches may become unbalanced. This happens because of the game’s currency. Platinum is used in warframe to acquire various weapons and accessories. Unfortuntely, these purchasble goods may affect the overall gameplay. It is the reason why we need a warframe platinum generator. It helps make the game more balanced. The issue is that sometimes the clan with more money will defeat the clan with more skill. We can agree that this is not a good approach to a clan based game. Until there are better alternative and a better more balanced gameplay, it is imperative to have a solution for free platinum in warframe.

A Changed Game

When it comes to the world on online action games Warframe has become one of the games to take into consideration. Initially the game was a disaster and not many gamers rushed to play it. It received bad reviews and on good grounds. However, today this is changed. Slowly but with consistence Warframe became a game with many fans. It managed to do so by constatnly improving it and delivering quality to its users. In the end Digital Extremes proved to be a worthy company within the gaming industry.

Why Free Platinum

There are many resources you can gain in Warframe. There are lots of farming guides for all resoures and even for farming platinum in warframe. However, farming for platinum is a lot harder and time consuming compared for having it for free using this latest free platinum cheat. It will enable you and your clan to be in a more balanced environment and to be able to win matches against richer clans. The overall game experience is changed when having access this platinum generator.

How to use The Warframe Platinum Generator

Without revealing too much, you can visit the official page from the bottom to go straight away to the latest updated of this hack. How to get free platinum in warframe has never been as easy. Within just a few minutes you can get as much as 4700 free platinum. What makes this hack special is its ability to keep your account safe. It will keep you safe when generating the free platinum, but also when you are using it to purchase wweapons.

A Safest Warframe Free platinum Solution

One of the factors which makes this one of the safest warframe platinum generators are two main features. First and most important is the ability to emulate a payment process within the history of your account. Next, you have the proxy server which will erase any trace of your account to our onine based platinum generator. Happily, we have a bunch of team members being fans of warframe. They have decided to be the ones to constantly update the tool when this is needed.

This means that you will be able to access this warframe platinum generator for a long time. Many similar warframe tools are relased online. Most of them are not working anymore because they failed to update it on time. This made then become easily traceable and they were eventually patched.

Source: Warframe Platinum Hack

IMVU Mobile Credit Hack – Free Daily Credits

As an IMVU player I am aware of the longing to have lots of credits in IMVU. In my opinion credits are highly overpriced and many IMVU users are now looking for other ways to get credits. There used to be a reseller program, but for obvious reasons IMVU decided to withdraw it. This created an even stronger desire for free imvu credits among IMVU fans. Many users that were previously buying credits from resellers stopped buying credits as a form of protest or simply because they cannot afford it. Many users are looking for imvu mobile credit hack online that can grant them any amount of free credits.

The Newest IMVU Mobile Credit Hack

The new method to get free imvu credits is this imvu mobile credit hack. This will help you get free imvu credits on a daily basis without paying any money. And this is just the beginning. For an imvu hack to be a real hack has to be safe. This is where the new imvu credits generator stands out. It was developed with the main goal of keeping your account safe. For this, various measures had to be taken. As a start, the program has a built-in proxy server. Secondly it has a daily limit which can be found on the official website. Thirdly and most important is the feature that will emulate a payment process within your account. This will grant 100% safety as there are no means by which you can be tracked.

The credits generated using this imvu mobile credit hack are 100% real. Our servers are working 24/7 to constantly provide the necessary amounts of free credits. Once you receive the credits your profile will look like as if you paid for them. This is why this is maybe the best imvu hack tool ever developed. There are many such hacks o the internet. IMVU is not a new game. Most of these hacks are using old outdated methods to generate the credits. In most cases they do not deliver what is expected – safety, reliability and accuracy.

How To Use The IMVU Generator

In order to make this imvu mobile credit hack work you will not need any special skills. The program asks just for your username where you want the credits to be delivered. Next, it will ask for your amounts of free credits you want to add into your account. Our servers are installed throughout the world. We use the same servers for many gaming hacks and cheats. To help the program work more accurate and deliver the credits faster it is recommended to choose your location from the ‘Location’ tab.

IMVU Mobile Credit Hack Video Proof

Next comes the important part. You will want to activate the proxy feature and the payment emulation feature. These will provide total security while generating the free credits, but also while using them on the IMVU store. You can activate them simply by clicking the ON/OFF button on the right side. Before you click the GENERATING button, please check all of the above. The username should be exactly as it shows on your profile page (Guest_username).

Top 4 XBOX Classic Games to Play Today

With the new subscription service from Microsoft you have a bunch of options to play and look back for a amoment at the good old times. One of my decisive factors that makes or breaks a video game is the quality of be able to play it for a second time and still have lots of fun. Taking this as my main decisive factor here are my top four XBOX classic games you can play today using the XBOX Game Pass.


Unfortunately, the remastered version is not avaialble with the XBOX Game Pass and we do not know if it is ever ging to be. Still, playing Bioshock is not abut the graphics, but about the world of the game. Bioshock is known as one of the most influential games. The story, characters, gameplay, locations and plot are amazingly intertwined to create one of the finest adventures you can go through. The sequels are also great, but the initial release has the magic of spiralling wonder and satisfaction that you experienced when playing the game for the first time.

It is a game that will stick with you for a long time and even more. There aren’t many games in history of games that managed to deliver this level of emotions and quality for the players.


The fifth installment of of the series is also available to play on the XBOX Game Pass program. Although oen of those sequels that steps up aside fromt he original feeling of the game, it is still a fine game to enjoy any time od the day. Playing a character that seems to have smaller balls, some people were disspointed and concerned with this release.

A few consider it the best of all DMC games, others are OK with it, whilst some are discontent with the overall game. It is true that the combos might be less spectaculous comapard to other releases such as DMC3. But the truth is that it is a game that you can easily play for a second time without getting too boring and this is why makes to this list.


This is not the common blockbuster that you would expect to be on such list. However, this is a game that exceeds expectations in many ways. The game initially made its debut in 2008 and was later in 2012 introduced again with enhanced graphics for XBLA. I was always standing for 2D games and this is one that proves me that I wasn’t wrong.

The game design is one of the finest. It’s remarkable how many complex and fun things can be created within the simplistic world of a side scrolling game. This is what this game proves. You do not have to be running on the most modern graphics engine to have a stunning game. Complex, but simple, easy, but not too easy the, Spelunky effortly takes the 3rd place on this top xbox retro games to play.


We have mostly talked about the action based games. XCOM: Enemy Within is a Turn-based tactics game where decisions you make matter. Don’t be fooled by the overview camera style. This game delviers a lot more than most games within this genre. It is also fast paced and engaging as hell. It is one of those games you will play regardless of your prejudices you have on games and genres.

If you had the chance to play the first in this series (Enemy Unknown), you will absolutely be in love with the Enemy Within. Although not the latest sequel, this is still a bold and playable game today as it was back in 2013. More weapons, more enemies and added resources takes the tactical genre to its best. This turn based tactical with spectacular visuals and locations makes to my list because it is easily a game that you can play at least two times in your life.